Fastest car in Drift Hunters

Fastest car in Drift Hunters

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The fastest car in Drift Hunters is the Nissan GT-R (R35).

NISMO has adjusted the Nissan GT-R to reach speeds of 190 mph when drifting sideways, making it the world’s fastest drift car. The car was never meant to drift; instead, it was created to give fast-paced thrills on the racetrack.

The cabin has been totally redesigned, and the vehicle now sports a dual-clutch transmission. In their stead, racing seats, a cage, and a sequential gearbox have been fitted. Rear-wheel drive has taken the place of the car’s original all-wheel drive system. A 4L twin-turbo V6 engine is paired with a good nitrous injection system under the hood to get the beast howling. It now has a mind-boggling 1390 horsepower.

The front tyres are larger than the rear tyres to aid drifting. To allow this, the suspension has been completely overhauled. The GT-R was designed to be fast on the track, but every aspect of the car was analysed and improved to make it go as fast and as sideways as possible. With Japanese driver Masato Kawabata at the helm, the GT-R broke a new world record.

About Nissan GT-R (R35)

Kawabata shattered the previous record by more than 53mph and even above Nissan’s stated 186mph objective.

The venue was picked for its 3km runway, and Kawabata was chosen since he is the current Japanese drift series champion and a key member of Team Tokyo. Tuners GReddy worked with experts from Nissan’s in-house tuners Nismo to prepare the car for the record-breaking drive.

Jakub Przygoski previously held the record for the quickest drift in a 1068bhp modified Toyota GT86. In September 2013, the Polish rally driver averaged 136 mph.

Despite the fact that the new Nissan GT-R was debuted at the New York Motor Show in March, the record-breaking vehicle GT-R is based on the pre-facelift model, albeit significantly modified.