In Drift Hunters, how do you make the most money?

In Drift Hunters, how do you make the most money?

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Sure, going to the most difficult circuits in the game can be entertaining, but when it comes to earning money, you want to go to the simplest spots that allow for steady, continuous speed and cornering with the fewest obstacles.

It’s time to transition by moving the direction the car is drifting in when Drift Hunters shouts, “Ready For Combo!”

One strategy is to perform a “manji,” which is a Japanese phrase for switching side-to-side, even on a straight, to keep the drift going.

On the lengthy straights, where you’re likely to lose your valuable combo, a manji is the best option.

You’ll soon be giggling as your multiplier rises if you score enough points between each transition to earn a combination.

Smooth, controlled drifting is rewarded in Drift Hunters

In Drift Hunters, smooth, controlled drifting is praised, and while it won’t be the fastest way to make money, it will surely be the most consistent.

By limiting the possibilities of spinning out or crashing, being cautious can help you construct the ultimate combination reward.

In the world of drifting, consistency is crucial, and the same is true when it comes to making money in Drift Hunters!

Long, high-speed drifts provide the most constant rewards, but they’re difficult to maintain unless you’ve mastered the game.

So, let’s take a look at a few pointers that will make earning a little easier for even the most inexperienced.